How To Get People To Notice and Keep Your Business Cards

Make Your Business Cards Stand OutFor a business owner your business cards are more than just  pieces of paper. Your business cards  represent an image and years of hard work and effort. But for other people they are simply just another advertisement, another piece of mess to throw away. To them, your business card could be nothing more special than any other business card that crosses their desk at any time in their career. So how can you make your business cards attract attention and be something that actually gets kept and used?

You should start by thinking about the reason people hold onto business cards in the first place. Understanding this idea can affect the design and efficiency of your card. One reason in particular is they use them when needing to reach out to a supplier or service resource. Let’s imagine you are in the computer repair business and you meet someone who sells software that would make your job a lot easier. You would most likely keep their card to contact them whenever you need some software. Secondly, you may keep a business card of other coworkers or industry colleagues fox quick reference information should you need to get in touch with someone on occasion.

You might likewise keep a business card for non-business reasons such as when interacting socially and arranging parties. Similarly, you may keep them for the function of referring your contact to someone else. For example, your next-door neighbor needs someone who cleans windows. You will probably pass on a business card to him so he can call your window cleaner.

However often people see business cards merely as contact info for a customer or prospective consumer. With a little creativity and planning you can make you business cards unique and more memorable to customers.

There are lots of methods you can utilize to motivate consumers to hold on to your business card. The majority of these ideas center on providing details that the customer may find helpful. By using a distinct format such a three fold format or by adding pertinent information on the reverse side of the card, you can add value to your business card that makes them worth holding on to. For example, you can add a calendar on the back of the card that lists upcoming events or holidays. Let’s say you own a coffee shop. You can advertise events such as live bands, karaoke nights or poetry nights on the back of the card.

Nonetheless, no matter how you design your card ensure that they provide the information that your consumers need to have. It is important to ensure your card has your name, a title of who you are or what you do, and as much contact information as you can provide. Remember that your card might be passed on to someone else who never met you. When designing your business card make sure to put time and effort into letting the card make the initial sale for you.