Make Your Business Card More Effective

Cheap Business Cards That Are Effective


In my life I have literally collected hundreds of business cards. When I browse them, I hardly bear in mind the individual or business at all! Should a business card not show who you are and what your business does?

A proper business card is the very first piece of advertising literature that is given out. It should certainly have your name, address, email address and telephone number. However I think that many business cards need to have even more details. A lot of are really improperly created.

Exactly how could we enhance on the standard business card? I was thinking about this and I came up with some suggestions for the back of your business card:

1) Difficult to Discover Places – a mini map giving directions to your premises.

2) Takeaways– a mini menu– keep in mind the 80/20 policy– top sellers only!

3) What about a testimonial?

4) Retail Outlet– what about a discount rate on discussion of the card?

Right here is another great idea for the back of a business card:


We met at …

On …

For …

What we discussed …

Referrals …

What about the front?

1) Why not add your photo?

2) Use complete color printing.

3) Get an Expert to make it.

I firmly think that all business cards should have a photo of the individual particularly now that they are so inexpensive to produce completely color. No one will ever forget who you are if your image is on the card!

Your business card is most likely the first advertising product you give out to somebody you fulfill for the first time. It needs to develop a great impression and be a precursor to an additional conference or conversation by phone.

Business cards are never going to do the selling for you, but they need to move the right impression of who you are and what your business does. For this you should utilize complete color printing and keep away from the basic black and white cards.

I would recommend individuals to stay away from laminated cards. Lots of people write a brief note on the back of the card to help them remember who you are and exactly what was shared. They can not write on a laminated card!

Finally see to it your business card is durable. Pay slightly more for a thicker card. If you can get a less costly business card for $90 a 1000 and a more costly better quality of business card for $150 per 1000 … and you just hand out 200 business cards a year … choose the better quality one and make certain you hand out a 1000 in the next twelve months!

How many business cards have you received that instantly said to you “I am not going to work with that person”? Most of them are probably printed in black and white and on thin cards. Some do not even inform you what that individuals business does!

Most people undervalue how useful a business card really is. When you think of the costs involved it truly ought to be made use of better. Make your business card stand apart so that individuals are most likely to bear in mind you and get in touch.